About Us

The Defence and Aerospace sector is a promising and constantly developing strategic sector for our country, covering many sub-sectors such as defence and security systems, software, land, air, naval vehicles and their equipment, electronic warfare systems, support systems and logistics services, R&D, engineering and manufacturing services.

The Turkish Defence and Aerospace industry has reached the stage of domestic product development and has gained an important infrastructure in system integration. The most fundamental step required to integrate the Defence and Aerospace Industry sector, which has an important place in the national economy with its high added value, R&D investments and contribution to employment, into the international market and to provide it with a competitive structure is to increase the exports of the sector.

The Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association (SSI), which was established in 2011 with 60 members in order to achieve this goal, continues its activities in a special field that produces solutions with superior capability and original design with more than 1500 members today, and contributes to the steady growth of the sector's exports at an increasing rate every year.

Undoubtedly, as in every country, the Turkish defence and aerospace industry has reached the highest level in our country, and has reached the present day with policies that guide the sector and support it in material and moral terms, and has reached the position of a sector that can meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces at a rate of up to 80 percent. The sector's exports, which were 800 million dollars in 2011, the year of the establishment of our Association, reached 4.4 billion dollars by the end of 2022.

Our defence systems, which meet the different needs and characteristics of the Turkish Armed Forces, are being offered to the global market, and our main target markets include the United States of America, Middle Eastern Countries, Commonwealth of Independent States, European Union Members, Caspian Region Countries, Gulf Countries, while our effectiveness in the Far East and African markets is gradually increasing.